What different Skin Tone shades are offered by Tru-Colour Plasters ?

Tru-Colour's Skin Tone shades are based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. We currently provide 4 Skin Tone shades with specific colour packaging assigned to each shade:

Pale White Skin Tone Plasters are available in aqua packaging.

Olive - Moderate Brown Skin Tone Plasters are available in green packaging.

Brown - Dark Brown Skin Tone Plasters are available in orange packaging.

Dark Brown - Black Skin Tone Plasters are available in purple packaging.

Does Tru-Colour plan to offer additional Skin Tone shades?

We hope to in the near future. Please check back soon!

How many Plasters are in a standard-sized pack? 

Plasters are 30-count plaster packs. Each 30-count plaster packincludes 15 medium & 15 small plasters.

Do you offer Wholesale or Institutional discounts?

Yes we do! if you are looking to resell or distribute our plasters in Europe we would ask you to send us a message on the contact form

Are Tru-Colour Plasters cruelty-free?

Yes. Tru-Colour Plasters are cruelty-free. No animals are involved in the making or testing of our products. 

What medical device class are Tru-Colour plasters?

Our plasters are a class 1 medical device

Are your plasters safe to use?

All our products are tested and have the CE mark qualification.

Are Tru-Colour plasters Latex free?

Yes they are latex free

How can I help promote Tru-Colour?

We value customer support and are grateful to have your feedback. You can help promote Tru-Colour by doing one or more of the following: Leave us a product review, or follow us on Instagram.

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